For the purpose of this title, certain words, phrases, and terms shall be construed as follows:
ALLEY: A public way used primarily as a service access to the rear or side of a property which abuts on a street.
AS BUILT PLANS: Final plans showing all changes in the proposed plans, indicating in detail how the project was constructed. Such plans shall show all public facilities as built on the surface and underground, both on public property and on easements, and shall also indicate all private utility locations that are known. The following details shall be shown: sanitary and storm sewers, manholes, invert grades, bench marks, location of sanitary sewer laterals, street inlets, general flow of surface water, and grades for drainage swales on the lots. The as built plans shall carry the seal of a registered professional engineer who shall certify that construction was completed in conformance with the plans and specifications.
BLOCK: The distance, as measured along a street, between intersecting streets from centerline to centerline; and where the context requires, it also means the enclosed area within the perimeter of the streets or property lines enclosing it.
CITY CLERK: The city clerk of the city of Leland Grove.
CITY ENGINEER: The city engineer of the city of Leland Grove.
COLLECTOR STREET: A street of relatively short length that serves as a connection between a major or secondary thoroughfare and several minor streets. The term includes the principal entrance streets of a residential development and streets for major circulation within such a development.
CONSTRUCTION PLAN: The drawings prepared in the manner and containing the data, documents and information required by this title.
DEAD END STREET (CUL-DE-SAC): A permanent street terminating at one end without connecting with another street and is designed so that it cannot be further extended without condemnation or taking property not dedicated as a street.
DRAINAGE COURSE: A natural watercourse or swale or depression for the drainage of surface waters.
EASEMENT: A nonprofitable interest in land owned by another that entitles its holder to a specific limited use.
FINAL PLAT: The drawing of a subdivision prepared in the manner and containing the data, documents and information required herein.
LOCATION MAP: A preliminary drawing or map of a proposed subdivision containing the data and information required herein.
LOT: The tract within a subdivision marked by the subdivider as a numbered tract to be offered as a unit of land for sale.
MAJOR THOROUGHFARE: A street of continuity that carries, or that planning evidence indicates will carry, a large volume of traffic.
MINOR RESIDENTIAL STREET: A street of relatively short length that provides direct access to a limited number of abutting residential properties and is designed to discourage its use by through traffic.
PRELIMINARY PLAN: A plan of a proposed subdivision or greater area prepared in the manner and containing the data, documents and information herein.
PRIVATE STREET: A street, way or strip of land purportedly reserved for the use of a limited number of persons or purposes as distinguished from a publicly dedicated street.
PUBLIC CROSSWALK: A public way designed primarily for use of pedestrian traffic at an intersection.
SANITARY SEWER: A constructed conduit connected with the Springfield sanitary district sewer system for the carrying of liquids and solids other than storm waters to the sanitary treatment plant.
SECONDARY THOROUGHFARE: A street of continuity that carries a considerable volume of traffic of more than neighborhood character.
SERVICE ACCESS STREET: A street parallel to and adjacent to a major thoroughfare which provides access from the thoroughfare to abutting properties.
STORM SEWER: A constructed conduit for carrying storm waters to a drainage course.
SUBDIVIDER: Any owner, agent, or person controlling land who commences proceedings under this title by submitting a location map to the city council.
SUBDIVISION OF LAND: The division of land into two (2) or more parts, any of which is less than five (5) acres in size, or the dedication of streets or easements of access. The provisions of this title do not apply, and no plat is required in any of the following instances:
   A.   The division or subdivision of land into parcels or tracts of five (5) acres or more in size which does not involve any new streets or easements of access.
   B.   The division of lots or blocks of less than one acre in any recorded subdivision which does not involve any new streets or easements of access.
   C.   The sale or exchange of parcels of land between owners of adjoining and contiguous land.
   D.   The conveyance of parcels of land or interests therein for the use as a right of way for public utility facilities and other pipelines which does not involve any new streets or easements of access.
   E.   The conveyance of land owned by a public utility which does not involve any new streets or easements of access.
   F.   The conveyance of land for highway or other public purposes or grants or conveyances relating to the dedication of land for public use or instruments relating to the vacation of land impressed with a public use.
   G.   Conveyances made to correct descriptions in prior conveyances.
   H.   The sale of a single lot of less than five (5) acres from a larger tract when a survey is made by a registered surveyor; provided, however, that this exemption shall not apply to the sale of any subsequent lots from the same larger tract of land, as determined by the dimensions and configuration of the larger tract on October 1, 1973; and provided also, that this exemption does not invalidate any local requirements applicable to the subdivision of land.
   I.   The sale or exchange of parcels or tracts of land following the division into no more than two (2) parts of a particular parcel or tract of land existing on July 17, 1959, and not involving any new streets or easements of access.
SUPERINTENDENT OF HIGHWAYS: The Sangamon County superintendent of highways.
SURETY: A bonding agency that is financially qualified to do business in the state of Illinois.
THROUGH LOT: Any lot which is not a corner lot and which adjoins two (2) streets that are parallel or within forty five degrees (45°) of being parallel to each other.
TOWNSHIP HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER: The township highway commissioner for the township(s) in which the subdivision is located.
TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICE: Any sign, signal, marking and device placed on or adjacent to a street or highway by authority of the city council, the state of Illinois department of transportation or the Sangamon County superintendent of highways. (Ord. 212, 6-22-1985; amd. 2008 Code)