A.   The purpose of this title is to maintain the residential character of the city and to regulate and control the division of land within the plat jurisdiction of the city, to prevent the subdivision of land for uses to which the land is not suited, and to prevent serious hazards and problems to the citizens of the community.
   B.   This title will provide for the improvement of the public health and safety; the harmonious development of Leland Grove and its environs; the coordination of streets, public areas, and other features; and the protection of the community's taxable resources by requiring that subdivisions be designed and developed so as not to impose excessive maintenance burdens on the community, but at the same time allow for reasonable development costs for the developer and homeowner.
   C.   This title is intended to establish regulations specifically needed to:
      1.   Provide for the orderly division of land by requiring the proper description and recording of subdivided lands.
      2.   Provide reasonable protection and conservation of those natural resources (land, air, vegetation, and water) upon which the continued prosperity, safety, health and welfare of the community may depend.
      3.   Prevent scattered development beyond the reasonable service area of community facilities and utilities.
   D.   It is also the intention of this title that any land divided hereunder shall result in the creation of lots of sufficient size and shape to be practically used and will serve the public in a reasonable fashion over a long period of time. (Ord. 212, 6-22-1985)