A.   The person receiving the building and zoning permit shall be responsible to obtain any necessary inspections of the proposed construction. The City will provide a system of inspections and enforcement of residential building codes by Sangamon County. The owner shall be responsible for all inspection costs. At a minimum, inspection shall be made at the following stages of construction:
      1.   Setback inspection.
      2.   Footings. Footings must be inspected prior to pouring.
      3.   Plumbing ground work. Ground work installations must be inspected prior to pouring.
      4.   Rough-in; plumbing, electrical and mechanical. These inspections will be made after all internal and external electrical, mechanical and plumbing work has been roughed-in and prior to installing drywall or other surface.
      5.   Framing. This inspection shall be made prior to installing drywall or other surface.
      6.   Electrical service.
      7.   Recommended final/certificate of occupancy, which shall be subject to final review and approval.
   B.   The following types of work will require inspection:
      1.   New structures.
      2.   Changing the footprint or roof profile of any structure.
      3.   Construction, modification, maintenance or repair that requires installation or relocation of water lines, electrical lines, or sewer lines; or that results in changes to the framing, support or foundation of exterior or load bearing walls of a structure. (Ord. 417, 3-28-2017)