A.   Registration: Each contractor doing work within the City on projects that require permits shall register with the City Administrator before doing business within the City. A registration is valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance. There shall be a registration fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) for each contractor.
   B.   Exemption From Registration: Any person acting within the scope of his or her employment with a public utility or with the City is exempt from registration.
   C.   Violations; Penalty: A person who violates this section is subject to a penalty for each violation. A violation with respect to any single job constitutes a separate violation. For example, a contractor who works on a roof one (1) day and comes back the second day to work on the roof without having registered commits two (2) separate violations. More than three (3) violations invalidates contractor from working in the City on any project for one (1) year. (Ord. 417, 3-28-2017)