(A) All signage shall be in compliance with any and all other existing rules, regulations, and ordinances of the city, including but not limited to, the Planning and Zoning Ordinance as currently enacted, and/or as may be amended in the future.
   (B)   No flashing, oscillating, rotating, shimmering, or other lights demonstrating movement, or the illusion of movement, shall be used to illuminate, or be visible from the exterior of any premises licensed under this subchapter.
   (C)   Any advertising by any licensee under this subchapter shall be in compliance with KRS 244.130 and regulations promulgated thereunder.
   (D)   No licensee shall publish or display advertising that is false or misleading, nor shall any licensee publish or display advertising that implies that consumption of alcoholic beverages is fashionable or the accepted course of behavior, or advertising that contains any statement, picture or illustration implying that the consumption of alcoholic beverages enhances athletic prowess, whether or not any known athlete is depicted or referred to, nor shall any licensee publish or display advertising that encourages intoxication by referring to the intoxicating effects of alcohol (or the use of terms such as "high test", "high proof or "extra strong") or depicting activities that tend to encourage excessive consumption.
   (E)   No licensee shall erect or allow to be erected any banner that displays any particular brand of alcoholic beverage on the outside of the building or on the property.
   (F)   Any off premises signage inside the city advertising the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. It shall be unlawful to attach signage advertising alcoholic beverages to the exterior of the building or the exterior premises of the business. This prohibition shall include the use of outdoor umbrellas or other outdoor or patio fixtures that feature the name or logo of an alcoholic beverage or manufacturer of alcoholic beverages.
   (G)   Signage which refers directly or indirectly to alcoholic beverages will be limited to one sign not over two square feet that must be displayed from the inside of the window or interior of the business. No additional signs, banners, posters or other type of displaying advertising which refers either directly or indirectly to alcoholic beverages shall be displayed on, nor shall it be visible from the exterior of any premises licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages, except that reference to such may be included in the name of the business. This restriction shall not prevent any licensee from placing in the windows of the licensed premises business cards not larger than two and one-half inches in size, setting forth the price at which the licensee offers alcoholic beverages for sale.
   (H)   It shall be unlawful for a licensee under this subchapter to distribute or cause to be distributed any handbills, circulars, or cards as a medium of advertising alcoholic beverages.
   (I)   No licensee shall advertise alcoholic beverages on any municipally owned property or at any municipally sponsored event.
(Ord. 2016-08, passed 8-1-16; Am. Ord. 2017-12, passed 8-21-17)