(A)   Since a number of licenses issued by the city are in the name of corporation, it is necessary that stock ownership changes in such corporation be reported to the City ABC Administrator.  The City ABC Administrator can therefore investigate the person to whom the stock is transferred in order to ascertain whether that person is precluded by the statute from holding an intersect in an alcoholic beverage license.
   (B)   As used herein, the word “change” is construed to include any change in directors or officers of the corporation, or change in ownership of stock whereby any person secures 10% of the outstanding stock.  Transfer of more than 10% of the total stock shall require a new license.
   (C)   The following information will be required concerning any new director, officer or person securing any interest in alcoholic beverage license:
      (1)   Name and address;
      (2)   Nature of interest;
      (3)   Whether or not a citizen of the United States;
      (4)   Date of birth;
      (5)   Date residence was established in Kentucky, if a resident of Kentucky.  If a City of Leitchfield resident, indicate when residence was established;
      (6)   Whether or not he or she has any interest  in any other license or corporation or partnership holding a license under this act;
      (7)   Extent of stock ownership;
      (8)   Whether or not he or she has any interest in any license or corporation or partnership holding a license in any other state or province.
   (D)   This information shall be filed with the ABC Administrator as an amendment of the application pursuant to which the license was granted.
(Ord. 2010-05, passed 4-19-10; Am. Ord. 2011-07, passed 7-5-11)