(A)   Rotational Towing Service List means that the towing service will be placed upon an approved list of such services and the service at the top of the list will be first called to perform services and then be placed at the end of the list and each subsequent service will be called as needed in consecutive order.
   (B)   Upon approval to be included on the city's rotational towing service list, requests for services shall be made in consecutive order on a rotating basis except when the owner or user of a vehicle to be towed requests a different wrecker service to respond. In such case, the requested service shall be summoned regardless of whether it is on the city's rotational service list, provided the requested service will be able to respond as required under the circumstances as determined in the discretion of the emergency responder.
   (C)   Should a towing service be requested by the owner or user of the vehicle be on the city's rotational service list, the response by such service shall not affect its position on the rotation list.
(Ord. 2010-09, passed 8-16-10)