(A)   To the extent reasonably possible, solid waste pickup service shall be afforded to commercial and non-commercial persons once weekly, provided, however, that additional service shall be provided to commercial persons on a more frequent basis when reasonably required to prevent a health hazard, nuisance, or other undesirable condition.  The determination regarding additional service shall be made by the or employee empowered to make such decisions.
   (B)   Solid waste pickup services provided to multi-family buildings, the occupants of which generate refuse which primarily consists of solid waste from personal, family, or household activities, shall be classified as non-commercial users and shall be charged at the non-commercial rate.  A monthly charge shall be assessed for each dwelling unit for which solid waste pickup is made regularly available.
(Ord. passed 12-19-88; Am. Ord. passed 9-21-92; Am. Ord. 97-15, passed 10-20-97; Am. Ord. 98-3, passed 3-2-98; Am. Ord. 2003-12, passed 11-3-03)