A.   The city will identify single spaces in the cemetery to make available for the interment of cremains. Each space that is available will be split into half spaces. A maximum of two (2) cremains may be interred in each half space.
   B.   The provision of this section shall only apply to the spaces identified by the city as described in subsection A of this section. For any other cremains spaces, all other provisions found in this chapter shall apply.
   C.   No permanent gravesite decorations are allowed on cremains spaces. This includes, but is not limited to, shepherd hooks, works of art, and solar lights.
   D.   No permanent vases are allowed in the apron, cement, or the stone base of a headstone for cremains spaces.
   E.   Cremains spaces are available to residents and nonresidents for the prices listed as adopted by the Lehi City council on the most recent fiscal year fee schedule. Residents must provide an acceptable form of proof of residency to the city. The purchaser may purchase no more than one space in a given transaction. The purchaser will not be permitted to select a burial space; instead, an authorized city representative will determine the order and placement of burial.
   F.   Raised headstones are not allowed for cremains spaces. All headstones must be flush with the ground and only one marker is allowed for each cremains space.
   G.   Flat markers shall be a minimum of eight inches by sixteen inches (8" x 16"), not including the apron, and a maximum of twelve by twenty four inches (12 x 24"), not including the apron. (Ord. 13-2016, 2-9-2016)