Parks and Recreation
   150.01   Recreation Board
   150.02   Board of Park Trustees
Planning and Zoning
   150.15   Planning Commission
   150.16   Board of Zoning Appeals
Statutory reference:
Advice from regional planning commission, see R.C. § 711.10
Approval of subdivisions and plats, see R.C. § 711.09
Basis of districting or zoning; classification of buildings and structures, see R.C. § 713.10
Enactment and amendment of subdivision regulations, see R.C. § 711.101
Lost or destroyed records, see R.C. §§ 711.34 et seq.
Notice and hearing on municipal zoning regulations, see R.C. § 713.12
Original plats, see R.C. §§ 711.01 et seq.
Planned Community Law, see R.C. §§ 5312.01 et seq.
Restriction on location, height, bulk and location of buildings and structures, see R.C. §§ 713.07 et seq.
Revision of plats, see R.C. §§ 711.28 et seq.
Vacating plats, see R.C. §§ 711.17 et seq.
Violation of zoning ordinances, see R.C. § 713.13