The Street Commissioner, or any member of the Town Police Department, is hereby authorized to impound and to remove or have removed any vehicle left at any place in the town which is so left in violation of this chapter which is a nuisance or which may appear to have been lost, stolen or which is unclaimed. Such vehicle may be towed either by employees of the town or by commercial towing firms and shall then be held in a depository or storage place designated by the Street Commissioner for a period of 45 days, during which time the owner thereof may repossess the same by paying all expenses of towing and impoundment storage. Immediately upon impoundment of a vehicle, the Street Commissioner shall give written notice of the fact of such impoundment to the owner thereof, if such owner can be found. If such vehicle is not claimed within 45 days, then such vehicle shall be disposed of in accordance with the laws of the state pertaining to the disposal of abandoned and unclaimed vehicles.
(1982 Code, Title III, Ch. 8, § 8)  (Ord. passed 6-2-1969; Ord. passed 12-11-1995)