The purpose of this chapter is to protect and safeguard the general health, safety, and welfare of the public residing in watersheds within the city.  This chapter seeks to meet that purpose through the following objectives:
   (A)   Minimizing the negative impacts of increased storm water discharges from new land development and redevelopment.
   (B)   To protect the condition of state (and U.S.) waters for all reasonable public uses and ecological functions.
   (C)   To establish legal authority to carry out all the inspection and monitoring procedures, and enforcement actions necessary to ensure compliance with this chapter.
   (D)   To regulate the contribution of pollutants to the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) by storm water discharges from development, redevelopment.
   (E)   To enable the city to comply with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit and applicable federal and state regulations.
   (F)   To prohibit illicit discharges and illegal connections to the MS4.
(Ord. 2012-018, passed 3-13-12)