(A)   For each full-time employee, the cost of dental insurance for an individual policy, and of hospitalization and medical insurance for an individual policy or family policy shall be paid by the city.  Employees may elect family dental coverage and pay the cost thereof.  The medical plan shall include a family plan with associated costs to be charged to the self-insurance program.  Any other employee may elect to join, at his or her own expense, or at such cost as determined by Council, the city’s hospitalization, dental and medical insurance programs, either on an individual or family basis.
   (B)   An employee shall not be eligible to receive insurance benefits under this section until 30 days after city employment begins.
(Ord. 6140, passed 11-24-87; Am. Ord. 6649, passed 9-24-91; Am. Ord. 6689, passed 1-28-92; Am. Ord. 6830, passed 4-13-93; Am. Ord. 7152, passed 12-26-95; Am. Ord. 7744, passed 12-28-99)