(A)   Adopted by reference. The International Residential Code, 2018 Edition, including appendix chapters is hereby adopted by reference.
   (B)   Appendix chapters. The following appendix chapters are included:
      (1)   Appendix A: Sizing and Capacities of Gas Piping.
      (2)   Appendix B: Sizing of Vent Systems Serving Appliances Equipped with Draft Hoods, Category I Appliances, and Appliances Listed for Use with Type B Vents.
      (3)   Appendix C: Exit Terminals of Mechanical Draft and Direct-Vent Venting Systems.
      (4)   Appendix E: Manufactured Housing Used as Dwellings.
      (5)   Appendix G: Piping Standards for Various Applications.
      (6)   Appendix H: Patio Covers.
      (7)   Appendix I: Private Sewage Disposal.
      (8)   Appendix J: Existing Buildings and Structures.
      (9)   Appendix K: Sound Transmission.
      (10)   Appendix Q: Tiny Homes.
   (C)   Amendments. The following sections are hereby revised:
      (1)   Section R101.1. Insert: City of Lead.
      (2)   Section R108.2. Insert: Chapter 150, Section 150.16 of the City of Lead’s Code of Ordinances--Building Permit Fees.
      (3)   Table R301.2(1). Insert:
         Ground Snow Load: 60 pounds per square foot
         Wind Speed: 115 miles per hour
         Seismic Design Category: B
         Weathering: Severe
         Frost line Depth: 48 inches
         Decay: None to Slight
         Winter Design Temperature: minus 15° Fahrenheit
         Ice Shield Under-Layment Required: Yes
         Flood Hazards: Map @ Lead City Hall
         Air Freezing Index: >1000-2000
         Mean Annual Temperature: 45° Fahrenheit
      (4)   Section P2603.5.1. Insert: 30 inches, 30 inches.
      (5)   Section P3103.1. Insert: 24 inches, 6 inches.
   (D)   Exclusions. The following sections are hereby excluded:
      (1)   Section P2904. Dwelling Unit Fire Sprinkler System.
(Ord. 1002-10, passed 12-20-2010; Ord. 1047-16, passed 4-4-2016; Ord. 1064-19, passed 2-4-2019)