Within ten working days of the receipt of the Planning and Zoning Commission's recommendation, the Lead City Commission shall take action to approve or deny the issuance of the change of zoning. This decision shall be based upon, but not limited to the consideration of the following:
   (A)   Adjacent land use.
   (B)   Type of development, if appropriate.
   (C)   Access from city, county and state roads.
   (D)   Location appropriate for requested zone.
   (E)   Flood plain.
   (F)   The effect of the proposed change of zoning upon:
      (1)   Housing, existing and potential.
      (2)   Public services.
      (3)   Water and sewer services.
      (4)   Public roads.
      (5)   Parks and recreation.
      (6)   Open space areas
   (G)   Proposed development plan with time schedule, if appropriate.
   (H)   The cumulative effect of the proposed change when considered with existing zoning.
(Ord. 985-08, passed 5-19-2008)