§ 155.101  REQUIREMENTS.
   Each manufactured house must meet the following requirements:
   (A)   A manufactured home will be allowed in any area of the city with the written permission of at least 75% of the area home owners within a 150-foot radius of proposed site.
   (B)   Each manufactured home will be no less than 24 feet wide at the narrowest point and shall contain at least 700 square feet of floor area.
   (C)   The manufactured home shall be placed on a permanent foundation, that meets the currently adopted Uniform Building Code. Foundation will have a minimum of a four-foot crawl space in all areas consisting of a minimum of 16-inch by eight-inch concrete footing with either concrete block or concrete walls. Tongue must be removed.
   (D)   Each manufactured home will have a gabled roof and will have a minimum of six-inch eave. No metal or wood-shaked roof covering will be allowed.
   (E)   The manufactured home must be constructed after 1976.
   (F)   The exterior of the manufactured home shall consist of either wood, masonry, concrete, stucco, masonite, metal lap, or a material similar in appearance.
(Ord. 860-93, passed 8-2-1993)