§ 155.078  EXEMPTIONS.
   The following signs shall not require a sign permit. These exemptions shall not be construed as relieving the owner of the sign from the responsibility of its erection and maintenance, and its compliance with the provision of this code or any other law or ordinance regulating the same.
   (A)   The changing of the advertising copy or message on a painted or printed sign, theater marquess and similar signs specifically designated for the use of replaceable copy of previously approved sign.
   (B)   Painting, repainting or cleaning of an advertising structure, or the changing of the advertising copy or message thereon, shall not be considered an erection or alteration which requires a sign permit, unless a structural change is made on previously approved sign.
   (C)   Real estate signs advertising, residential or commercial property for sale so long as the placement of such signs are in conformance with requirements of these regulations.
   (D)   Signs of any type displayed on the interior of a business.
   (E)   Wall-mounted or free-standing informational or directional sign not exceeding two square feet.
   (F)   Manufacturers' product signs, common to the industry, being promoted or advertised as long as they conform with other sections of the regulations.
   (G)   Historic signs, including those painted on the exterior of a structure.
   (H)   Paper signs 11 inches by 17 inches or smaller.
(Ord. 948-03, passed 4-21-2003)