§ 155.071  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ACCESSORY.  Subordinate or incidental to, and on the same lot or on a contiguous lot in the same ownership, as the building or use being identified or advertised.
   AWNING.  A moveable, protruding, covered fabric shelter supported entirely from the exterior wall of a building that may be retractable or collapsed, and wholly or partially covering a pedestrian way with advertising on it or directional or informational.
   BANNER.  A piece of cloth, canvas, plastic or paper bearing a design, motto, slogan or advertisement; may be further defined as an event banner or a seasonal banner.
   BILLBOARD.  A free-standing off-premises sign, not exceeding 300 square feet per space, located off the premises upon which the commodity or service is located.
   BUILDING.  Any structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or occupancy.
   BUSINESS.  All activities in which a person engages or in which such person causes another to be engaged with the object of gain, benefit, or advantage, whether direct or indirect.
   CANOPY.  A permanently-roofed shelter covering a sidewalk, driveway, or similar area, which may be wholly supported by a building or may be wholly or partially supported by columns, poles, or braces extended from the ground.
   DIRECTIONAL INFORMATION.  A free-standing or wall-mounted sign conveying information essential to the normal business activity of the premises upon which it is located.
   EVENT.  A happening, occurrence, contest or item.
   EVENT BANNER.  A banner that is displayed with the intent to advertise a specific event.
   FRONTAGE.  The horizontal, linear dimension of that side of the building or lot.
   GRAFFITI.  An inscription, slogan, drawing, and the like crudely scratched or scribbled on a wall or other public surface.
   GROUND, FREE-STANDING.  Sign detached from a building and supported by a bracing or pole structure
   HEIGHT OF A SIGN.  The vertical distance measured from the elevation of the nearest sidewalk or, if there is no sidewalk within 25 feet from the lowest point of the finished grade on the lot on which the sign is located and within 25 feet of the sign, to the uppermost point of the sign or the sign structure.
   MAINTENANCE.  The replacing, repairing or repainting of a portion of a sign structure, periodic changing of bulletin board panels, or renaming of copy that has been made unuseable by ordinary ware and tear, by nature or by accident.
   MURAL.  A decorative or figurative painting or decoration, usually oversized applied directly to a wall or ceiling.
   NEON.  An electrically charged gas contained within and enclosed transparent tube.
   PORTABLE.  A sign capable of being moved from location to location without structural or support modifications at least perpendicular to the building.
   PROJECTING.  A sign attached to a building, extending in whole or part eight inches from the building to which it is attached.
   ROOF.  The cover of any building, including the eaves and similar projections.
   SANDWICH BOARD.  A ground supported sign having at least two faces and placed on the premises outside the building.
   SEASON.  A specific time, as defined as the divisions of the year (spring, summer, autumn, winter) or specific times something is popular or the time of a festival or holiday, not to exceed 90 continuous days.
   SEASONAL BANNER.  A banner that is displayed with the intent to advertise a seasonal activity.
   SIGN.  Any writing, pictorial representation, decoration, form, emblem, trademark, banner, or any other figure of similar character that:
      (1)   Is a structure or any part thereof;
      (2)   Is written, printed, projected, painted, constructed, or otherwise placed or displayed upon or designed into a building, board, plated, canopy, awning, or vehicle or upon any material, object or device whatsoever; and
      (3)   By reason or its form, color, wording, symbol, design, illumination, or motion, attracts or is design to attract attention to the subject thereof or is used as a means of identification advertisement or announcement.
   SIGNAGE AREA.  Area of the building designed for a sign by the architect.
   TEMPORARY.  A sign intended to be displayed for a limited period of time. A sign displayed for no more than 30 days.
   WALL SIGN.  A sign attached to and erected parallel to the outside wall of a building, mounted flush to the wall and which displays only one face.
   WINDOW.  The transparent or translucent portion of an opening in an exterior wall of a structure.
(Ord. 948-03, passed 4-21-2003; Ord. 1030-14, passed 11-17-2014)