§ 155.070  PURPOSE.
   It is the purpose of this subchapter to make provision to allow individual establishments to identify the nature of their enterprise, the products provided, the services provided, and their name. Further specific purposes of this subchapter are:
   (A)   To provide a reasonable balance between the need of the business owners to identify the enterprise, and the need of the public to be protected against the visual discord resulting from the unrestricted proliferation of signs.
   (B)   To protect the public from hazardous conditions by requiring signs to conform with Building, Electrical and Life Safety Codes, and by prohibiting signs that obscure the vision of motorists or compete or conflict with traffic or warning signs.
   (C)   To provide for good visual communication to the public, whether they are traveling by foot or vehicle, so that the public may easily know of the location of individual establishment.
   (D)   To recognize that the required sue of the sign that provides adequate identification in pedestrian-oriented business areas is less than that required for signs in automobile-oriented areas.
(Ord. 948-03, passed 4-21-2003)