(A)   Land use covenants within this District shall have approval of the Planning Commission and surrounding property owners. Covenant duration and renewability shall be dependent upon the permanency of the land use and shall be at the discretion of the Planning Commission.
   (B)   Public and semi-public uses allowed include, but are not limited to, the following:
      (1)   Cemeteries.
      (2)   Public and semipublic buildings and institutions.
      (3)   Parks and playgrounds.
      (4)   Sanitary landfills.
      (5)   Sewerage treatment facilities.
      (6)   Water treatment and storage facilities.
   (C)   Private uses allowed include, but are not limited to, the following:
      (1)   Crematory.
      (2)   Explosive manufacture or storage.
      (3)   Incineration or reduction of garbage, dead animals, fat or refuse.
      (4)   Soap manufacture.
      (5)   Tanning of leather, rawhide or skins.
      (6)   In general, those uses which have been declared a nuisance in any court of record, or which may be noxious or offensive by reason of odor, dust, gas, smoke, or noise.
   (D)   The following off-street parking requirements apply to the Special Use District:
      (1)   Churches:  one per four seats.
      (2)   Elementary and junior high schools:  one per each class room and administrative office.
      (3)   Senior high school:  one per five students based on the design capacity of the building, plus one per each classroom and administrative office.
      (4)   Vocational or trade school:  one per three students plus two per each three employees.
      (5)   Dormitory, sorority or fraternity:  one per three permanent residents.
      (6)   Government office building:  one per each 200 square feet of gross floor area.
      (7)   Homes for the aged, sanitariums, convalescent or nursing homes:  one per four patient beds plus one per each staff doctor plus one per each two employees.
      (8)   Hospitals:  one per three patient beds plus one per each two employees on the major shift.
      (9)   Public assembly facilities such as: lodges, private clubs, auditoriums, arenas, stadiums, community centers:  one per four fixed seats, plus one per each 100 square feet or floor or ground area used but not containing fixed seats.
(Prior Code, § 4-508)