Land use covenants within this District may allow:
   (A)   All types of residential usage except that mobile homes shall be located only in mobile home parks.
   (B)   Residential usage may include normal home occupations and offices of recognized professions provided:
      (1)   They are conducted by the occupant.
      (2)   There is no display of merchandise.
      (3)   Advertising shall conform to the sign regulations of this chapter.
   (C)   Residential development will be governed population density, lot coverage and off-street parking requirements as herein cited:
      (1)   Population density.
         (a)   Single-family residence:  eight dwelling units per gross acre.
         (b)   Two-family residence:  ten dwelling units per gross acre.
         (c)   Multi-family residence:  50 dwelling units per gross acre.
         (d)   Mobile homes:  ten dwelling units per gross acre.
      (2)   Lot coverage.
         (a)   Single-family residence:  may cover 30% of the lot area.
         (b)   Two-family residence:  may cover 35% of the lot area.
         (c)   Multi-family residence:
Percent Coverage of Ground Floor
8 and over
         (d)   Mobile homes:  may cover 30% of the lot area.
      (3)   Off-street parking.
         (a)   Single-family residence:  two parking spaces per residence.
         (b)   Two-family residence: two parking spaces per residence or living unit.
         (c)   Multi-family residence:  two parking spaces per residence or living unit.
         (d)   An off-street parking place, other than a garage, will be defined as an area nine feet in width and 22 feet in length.
         (e)   The apportionment of parking spaces within a garage structure will dictated by the Building Official.
         (f)   Exterior parking places must remain dedicated to parking and cannot be used for other purposes such as, but not limited to, storage, refuse containers and debris.
         (g)   For uses not specifically mentioned in this chapter, off-street parking requirements shall be interpreted by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the governing body.
      (4)   To handle the placement of mobile homes within the city, the mobile home park may be established.
         (a)   1.   The mobile home park shall contain not less than 4,000 square feet of lot area for each space provided on the site.  The space ratio is to include access roads, auto parking/accessory building space and recreational area.
            2.   Each lot shall be provided with its own curb stop valve and individual meter for water and its own sewer connection.
         (b)   When applying for a building permit, there shall be provided a plot plan prepared by a registered engineer or architect complete in detail showing the following:
            1.   Areas set aside for clothes washing and drying, storage and off-street parking;
            2.   Common recreation space shall be provided at the rate of 200 square feet of space for each trailer site, but in no case shall the common recreation space be less than 5,000 square feet. This requirement may be waived, however, if the court abuts a public park;
            3.   Fencing and screen planting on the premises;
            4.   Provisions for trash and garbage removal;
            5.   Utility service connections;
            6.   Provision for the lighting of roadways, driveways and pedestrian walks;
            7.   Water availability approved by the County or State Health Department;
            8.   Sewage facilities which must not be individual septic tanks are drain fields. Systems must be approved by the county or State Health Department;
            9.   A typical lot plan including gravel-based narking site plus 200 square foot paved patio for each space;
            10.   A storage locker compound providing 100 cubic feet of storage for each unit; and
            11.   If a park accommodates units not containing bath facilities, such facilities must be provided by the park.
(Prior Code, § 4-505)  (Ord. 881-96, passed 2-12-1996; Ord. 986-08, passed 6-23-2008)