§ 155.003  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.  The word "shall" is mandatory; the word "may" is permissive.  The words "used" or "occupied" include the words intended, designed or arranged to be used cr occupied.  The word "lot" includes the words "plot" or "parcel".
   ACCESSORY USE OR STRUCTURE.  A use or structure on the same lot with, and of a nature customarily incidental and subordinate to, the principal use or structure.
   BUILDING.  Includes the word "structure" and is a structure which is entirely separated from any other structure by space or by walls  in which there are no communicating doors or windows or similar openings.
   DWELLING, MOBILE HOME.  A detached residential dwelling unit designed  for transportation  after fabrication on streets or highways on its own wheels or on flatbed or other trailers,  and arriving  at the site where it is to be occupied as a dwelling complete and ready for occupancy except for minor  and incidental unpacking and assembly operations, location on jacks or other temporary or permanent  foundations, corrections to utilities, and the like. When placed on a permanent foundation, it shall be considered a dwelling.  A travel trailer is not to be considered as a mobile home.
   DWELLING, MULTIPLE-FAMILY.  A residential building designed for or occupied by  three or more families, with the number of families in residence not exceeding the number of dwelling units provided.
   DWELLING, SINGLE-FAMILY.  A detached residential dwelling unit  other than a mobile home, designed for and occupied by one family only.
   DWELLING, TWO-FAMILY.  A detached residential building containing two dwelling units, designed for occupancy by not more than two families.
   DWELLING UNIT.  One room, or rooms, connected together and constituting a separate independent housekeeping establishment for owner occupancy; rental or lease on a weekly,  monthly or longer basis; physically separated from any other rooms or dwelling units which may be in the same structure; and containing independent cooking and sleeping facilities.
   FAMILY.  One or more individuals living, sleeping, cooking and eating on the premises as a single housekeeping unit; but it shall not include a group of more than six individuals not related by blood or marriage.
   FEED LOT.  A parcel of land whereon there is contained an operation for feeding or raising animals in excess of ten head per acre and in excess of 500 head per parcel of land.
   FILLING STATION.  Buildings and premises where gasoline, oil, grease, batteries, tires and automobile accessories may be supplied and dispensed at retail. This definition does not include auto salvage operations.
   GARAGE-PRIVATE.  A detached or attached accessory building or a carport, which is used primarily for storing passenger vehicles, trailers, or one straight truck not to exceed 26,000 GVW and truck tractors and is at least 180 square feet or more of the floor area.
   JUNK YARD.  An area of land, with or without a building, used for or occupied by a deposit, and/or a collect ion; or an area of land used for the storage, outside of a  completely enclosed building,  of used and/or discarded materials such as waste paper, rags, scrap metal, used building materials, house furnishings, machinery, vehicles, or parts thereof, with or without  the dismantling, processing,  salvage, sale or other use or disposition of the same.
   LAND USE COVENANT.  The declaration by the  land owner as to the use of his or her property.
   LOT.  A plot or parcel of ground under one ownership.
   MANUFACTURED HOME.  A factory-built structure that is manufactured or constructed under the authority of 42 USC § 5401 and is to be used as a place for human habitation, but which is not constructed or equipped with a permanent hitch or other device allowing it to be moved to a permanent site, and which does not have permanently attached to its body or frame, any wheels or axles.  A mobile home is not a MANUFACTURED HOME.
   MOBILE HOME.  A transportable, factory-built home, designed to be used as a year-round residential dwelling and built prior to enactment of the Federal Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974, which became effective June  15, 1976.
   MOBILE HOME/MANUFACTURED HOME PARK.  A parcel of land which is designed, maintained, intended or used for the purpose of supplying standard mobile home/manufactured home lots.  No parcel of land shall contain less than one acre with no less than four home spaces available at the time of the first occupancy.
   MODULAR HOME.  Factory-built housing certified by the Building Inspector as meeting the standards established by the currently adopted Uniform Building Code. Once certified, such housing will for zoning and building code enforcement, be treated as a single family dwelling in those areas which do not specifically exclude them.
   UTILITY/STORAGE/GARDEN SHED.  A detached accessory building which is used primarily for private storage and has 179 square feet or less of floor area.
(Prior Code, § 4-200)  (Ord. 860-93, passed 8-2-1993)