§ 154.35 BLOCKS.
   (A)   Block length.
      (1)   In general, intersecting streets, determining block length, shall be provided at intervals as to serve cross-traffic adequately and to meet existing streets.
      (2)   Where no existing plats control, the blocks in residential subdivisions shall normally not exceed 1,000 feet in length, except where topography or other conditions justify a departure from this maximum.
      (3)   In blocks longer than 800 feet, pedestrian ways and/or easements through the block may be required.
      (4)   The width and location of the pedestrian ways shall be subject to the approval of the Community Development Officer and the Planning Commission.
      (5)   Blocks for business or industrial uses should normally not exceed 600 feet in length.
   (B)   Block width. The width of the block shall normally be sufficient to allow two tiers of lots of appropriate depth. Blocks intended for business or industrial use shall be of a width as to be considered most suitable for their respective use, including adequate space for off-street parking and deliveries.
(Prior Code, § 4-900)