For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ALLEY. A public right-of-way which affords a secondary means of access to abutting property.
   BLOCK. An area of land within a subdivision entirely bounded by streets, or by streets and the exterior boundary or boundaries of the subdivision, or a combination of the above with a river or lake.
   BUILDING PERMIT. The building permit required under the Building Code of the city.
   CITY. The City of Lead.
   COMPREHENSIVE PLAN. The group of maps, charts and texts that make up the Comprehensive Guide Plan of the city.
   DESIGN STANDARDS. The specifications to land owners or subdividers for the preparation of plats, both preliminary and final, indicating, among other things, the optimum, minimum or maximum dimensions of items such as rights-of-way, blocks and easements.
   EASEMENT. A grant by a property owner for the use of a strip of land for the purpose of construction and maintaining utilities, including, but not limited to, sanitary sewers, water mains, electric lines, telephone lines, television and frequency modulation transmission lines, storm sewer or storm drainage ways, gas lines and roadways.
   EASEMENT, SLOPE. A grant by a property owner for the use of a strip of land for the purpose of constructing a slope or grade transition from the existing property grade to a new street grade.
   FINAL FLAT. A drawing or map of a subdivision, meeting all the requirements of the city and in a form as required by the county for purposes of recording.
   INTERSECTION, STREET. The point of crossing or meeting of two or more streets.
   LAND USE COVENANT. The declaration by the landowner as to the use of his or her property.
   LEAD CITY COMMISSION. The governing body of the city.
   LOT. A portion of a subdivision or other parcel of land intended for building development or for transfer of ownership.
   OWNER. The plural as well as the singular, and, where appropriate, shall include a natural person, partnership, firm, association, public or quasi-public corporation, private corporation or a combination of any of them.
   PARKS AND PLAYGROUNDS. Public lands and open space in the city dedicated or reserved for recreational purposes.
   PERCENTAGE OF GRADE. The rise or fall of a slope in feet and tenths of a foot for each 100 feet of horizontal distance. The center line of a street shall be used to determine the street rise of grade.
   PEDESTRIAN WAY. A public or private right-of-way across a block or within a block to provide access, to be used by pedestrians and which may be used for the installation of utility lines.
   PLANNING COMMISSION. The Planning Commission of the city.
   PRELIMINARY PLAT. A tentative drawing or map of a proposed subdivision meeting requirements herein enumerated.
   PROTECTIVE COVENANTS. Contracts made between private parties as to the manner in which land may be used, with the view to protecting and preserving the physical and economic integrity of any given area.
   STREET. A public right-of-way affording primary access by pedestrians and vehicles to abutting properties, whether designated as a street, highway, thoroughfare, parkway, throughway, road, avenue, boulevard, place or however otherwise designated.
   STREETS, COLLECTORS. Streets that carry traffic from minor streets to the major system of thoroughfares and highways, including the principal entrance streets of residential districts as shown on the Comprehensive Plan.
   STREETS, CUL-DE-SAC. Minor streets with only one outlet and having an appropriate terminal for the safe and convenient reversal of traffic movement.
   STREETS, MARGINAL ACCESS. Minor streets which are parallel and adjacent to thoroughfares and highways, and which provide access to abutting properties and protection from through traffic.
   STREETS, MINOR. Streets which are used primarily for access to abutting properties.
   STREETS, PRIVATE. Private rights-of-way affording access by pedestrians and vehicles which are under individual rather than municipal control.
   STREETS, THOROUGHFARES. Arterial streets which are used primarily for heavy traffic, and serving as arterial traffic ways between the various districts of the community as shown on the Comprehensive Plan.
   STREET WIDTH. The shortest distance between lines of lots delineating the street right-of-way.
   SUBDIVISION. A described tract of land which is to be or has been divided into two or more lots or parcels, regardless of how described, for the purpose of transfer of ownership or building development, or, if a new street is involved, any division of a parcel of land. The term includes resubdivision, and where it is appropriate to the context, relates either to the process of subdividing or to the land subdivided.
   TANGENT. A straight line departing from a curve which is perpendicular to the radius of that curve.
   TRACT. A parcel of land intended for division or development of a subdivision.
   U.S.G.S. DATUM. United States Geodetic Survey Datum.
   VERTICAL CURVE. The surface curvature on a street center line located between lines of different percentage of grades.
(Prior Code, § 4-704)