(A)   It shall be unlawful to engage in business in the municipality as a building contractor without first having obtained a license therefor as hereinafter provided.
   (B)   The term BUILDING CONTRACTOR shall mean and include anyone engaged in the business of a general building contractor, or any person engaged in the construction, alteration or repair of buildings or other structures, or sidewalk or street pavements or in any activity requiring a building permit.
   (C)   Application for a contractors license shall be in writing, filed with Lead city officials.
   (D)   The application must be approved by the Lead Building Official by endorsement on the application.
   (E)   Engaging in the construction, repair or alteration of any building or structure or street or sidewalk pavement in the municipality for which a permit is required under the ordinances of the municipality shall be construed as doing business as a contractor in the municipality.
(Ord. 747-83, passed 5-2-1983; Ord. 1025-14, passed 1-21-2014) Penalty, see § 110.999