(A)   The City of Lead Fireman Pension Fund as previously established in Ordinance 475 and Ordinance 484 is hereby continued for the purpose of providing pensions and death benefits for firemen of the city and their eligible beneficiaries.  All of the provisions of Ordinances 475 and 484, and amendments thereto, are hereby incorporated in this section by reference thereto and are otherwise not affected by the revision of these ordinances.
   (B)   The Firemen's Pension Board shall consist of three Trustees as follows:
      (1)   One member of the Lead City Commission to be selected by the Commission to serve at the pleasure of the Commission;
      (2)   One member of the Pension Fund to be elected by the members of the Pension Fund according to the rules and regulations, as the Lead City Commission from time to time may adopt. The term of office shall be three years; and
      (3)   A citizen who is a resident and tax payer of the city and who is not an officer or employee of the city, to be appointed by the Trustees provided in divisions (B)(1) and (B)(2) of this section. The term of office of the citizen shall be three years.
(Prior Code, § 2-800)  (Ord. 964-04, passed 10-25-2004)