When populated areas in the unincorporated county shall be so situated that sewage becomes, or may become, a menace to the residents of the area or to the residents of any municipality, the same may be incorporated as a sanitary district under SDCL Ch. 34A-5. If satisfied that the requirements have been fully complied with, the Board shall declare, with the assent of the electors pursuant to SDCL Ch. 6-16, an incorporated sanitary district. The Board shall consider impediments to annexation with any municipality. The sanitary district may construct and operate storm and sanitary sewers and sewage disposal plants as permitted by law. The district shall have the power to enter into contracts with any municipality for the purpose of using the facilities of said municipality for the treatment and disposal of sewage of the district or making such facilities of the district available to a municipality. The sanitary district may require by ordinance or resolution that all dwellings or structures within a district defined area be connected with the sewers of the district, among other requirements as provided in SDCL 34A-5. The district shall have exclusive jurisdiction to establish by ordinance or resolution standards for construction and inspection of private sewer systems within its boundaries in conformity with state and county laws and regulations. A municipality or a sanitary district may also form a consolidated sanitary district.
(Ord. 14-01, passed 6-6-2014, Ch. 9, § 1.11)