(A)   General. The intent of the I-1 - General Industry District is to provide a district that will allow areas in the county to be used for industrial purposes.
   (B)   Allowed uses.
      (1)   In I-1 - General Industry District, the following uses are allowed:
         (a)   On-premises signs complying with Chapter 8 of this zoning title;
         (b)   Retail sales or trade only when it directly serves or is auxiliary to the needs of industrial plants or employees thereof;
         (c)   Public service structures such as police stations, fire stations, post offices;
         (d)   Automobile storage yard;
         (e)   Manufacturing, requiring yard storage, and fabrication;
         (f)   Wholesaling, requiring yard storage and assembly;
         (g)   Warehousing, requiring yard storage;
         (h)   Building material sales yard and lumber yard;
         (i)   Tire recapping and retreading;
         (j)   Water treatment, purification, storage, and pumping;
         (k)   Contractors equipment storage yard or plant, or rental of heavy equipment;
         (l)   Bulk storage;
         (m)   Processing of junk, waste, discarded, or salvaged materials, machinery, or equipment, including automobile wrecking or dismantling;
         (n)   Automobile service station;
         (o)   Power plants;
         (p)   Concrete batch plant, transit mix plant, and asphalt plant;
         (q)   Concrete block, precast concrete, and prestressed concrete fabrication and storage;
         (r)   Structural and reinforcing steel fabrication, welding, and storage;
         (s)   Grain elevators;
         (t)   Electrical generation facilities;
         (u)   Auction houses not for the sale of livestock; and
         (v)   Commercial sawmill/molding mill.
      (2)   Any of the allowed uses which may have regulated emissions or offensive odors that could extend beyond the property line, shall be considered a conditional use in this district, and shall be required to conform to such conditions as the Planning and Zoning Board and the County Commission determines appropriate to mitigate such emissions and/or odors.
   (C)   Use limitations.
      (1)   All permitted uses shall be operated entirely within an enclosed structure.
      (2)   Noise, dust, odor, and glare shall be completely confined within an enclosed building.
      (3)   Travel and parking portions of the lot shall be surfaced with asphalt, concrete, compacted gravel, or equivalent surfacing.
      (4)   Outdoor storage areas shall be concealed and screened from view from abutting streets and highways, and from adjoining residential zoning districts by fencing and landscaping.
      (5)   No merchandise shall be displayed for sale (except for advertising purposes) nor shall any outdoor storage areas be permitted in any required front yard.
      (6)   No loading dock or loading area shall extend into a dedicated street or highway right-of-way.
      (7)   The said area between the building lines and the property lines is to be used either for open landscape or for off-street surfaced parking areas. If the said area is to be landscaped, it shall be done according to the plans first approved in writing by the County Office of Planning and Zoning. Any landscaped areas shall be properly maintained thereafter in a sightly and well-kept condition. Parking areas shall likewise be maintained in good condition.
   (D)   Allowed special uses. A building or premises may be used for the following purpose in the I-1 - General Industry District in conformance with the requirements prescribed herein. A building or premises intended to be used for the following purpose, where the prescribed requirements will not be met, shall obtain a conditional use in conformance with the requirements set out in Chapter 19 of this zoning title: temporary uses in conjunction with § II-10.007.
   (E)   Conditional uses. The following may be allowed in I-1 - General Industry District under the provision of Chapter 19 of this zoning title:
      (1)   Utility substations;
      (2)   Antennas, microwave and communication towers;
      (3)   Off-premises signage, billboards complying with Chapter 8 of this zoning title;
      (4)   Vocational schools;
      (5)   Solid waste disposal site;
      (6)   Distillation of products;
      (7)   Tank farm, petroleum products terminal;
      (8)   Salvage or junkyard in connection with II-10.008;
      (9)   Daycare center, licensed only when it directly serves or is auxiliary to the needs of industrial plants or employees thereof;
      (10)   Slaughter of animals, including poultry killing or dressing;
      (11)   Small wind energy systems per § II-10.001; and
      (12)   Small and large scale sand, gravel, or rock extraction.
   (F)   Density, setbacks, lot, and other requirements.
      (1)   General requirements.
General Requirements
Density/minimum lot size
2 acre(s) with residence and 1 acre without residence*
Front yard setbacks
Lot width
Maximum height
Side and rear yard(s) setbacks
Table notes:
*: Minimum lot size shall be 2 acres if a residence is on the property. If no residence is located on the property, the minimum lot size is 1 acre, unless a central sewer and water system are in place and parking can adequately be handled on less, and it is approved by the County Commission. On land with both public water and public sewer facilities - no minimum requirement.
**: From all lot lines and any road right-of-way, except as approved pursuant to a variance. All section lines shall be required to have a 25 foot setback from the edge of the section line right-of- way.
***Shall not exceed 3 stories, except as approved pursuant to a variance or otherwise specifically exempted from this limitation(e.g., telecommunication towers, wind energy systems, water towers).
      (2)   Landscaping. All required yards shall either be open landscaped and green areas or be left in a natural state, and shall be properly maintained in a sightly and well-kept condition.
      (3)   Noise, odor, glare, and vibration. Noise, odor, glare, and vibration shall not be discernible to an objectionable degree beyond the property lines where the condition emanates.
      (4)   Exterior lighting. Any lights used for exterior illumination shall shield downthrow lighting onto subject property.
      (5)   Smoke, dust, fumes, or gases. Smoke, dust, fumes, or gases shall not be emitted at any point in concentrations of amounts that are noxious, toxic, or corrosive.
(Ord. 14-01, passed 6-6-2014, Ch. 6, Art. 10; Ord. 16-03, passed 7-21-2017; Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-2019: Ord. 22-04, passed 4-11-2023)