(A)   General. The intent of the A-1 - General Agriculture District is to provide a district that will: allow suitable areas of the county to be retained in agricultural uses; prevent scattered nonfarm development; and secure economy in governmental expenditures for public services, utilities, and schools.
   (B)   Allowed uses. In A-1 - General Agriculture District, the following uses are allowed:
      (1)   Single-family dwellings including, but not limited to, modular homes, manufactured homes, mobile homes, and stick-built homes;
      (2)   Building eligibility on each quarter-quarter section is determined by the following conditions:
         (a)   There are no other dwellings on the quarter-quarter section;
         (b)   Approval has been granted by the appropriate governing entity for access to a public road;
         (c)   The remaining portion of the quarter-quarter section is retained for agricultural land; and
      (3)   Transportation and utility easements and rights-of-way;
      (4)   On-premises signs, complying with Chapter 8 of this zoning title;
      (5)   Historical monuments and structures;
      (6)   (Reserved);
      (7)   Accessory uses and structures ;
      (8)   Home occupations;
      (9)   Home daycare;
      (10)   Public parks and playgrounds;
      (11)   General ranching and farming;
      (12)   Harvesting;
      (13)   Forestry;
      (14)   Forest preserves;
      (15)   Commercial plant nurseries and greenhouses;
      (16)   Cemeteries (church/family/pet);
      (17)   Sod and tree farming;
      (18)   Grazing;
      (19)   Horticulture, viticulture, floriculture, and apiculture;
      (20)   Truck gardening;
      (21)   Roadside stands exclusive for sale of products raised on the premises;
      (22)   Noncommercial riding stables and academies;
      (23)   Noncommercial indoor/outdoor arenas;
      (24)   Wild crop harvesting;
      (25)   Typical farm/ranch operation; and
      (26)   Personal use mineral and sand, gravel, or rock extractive industry.
   (C)   Allowed special uses. A building or premises may be used for the following purposes in the A-1 - General Agriculture District in conformance with the requirements prescribed herein. A building or premises intended to be used for the following purposes, where the prescribed requirements will not be met, shall obtain a conditional use in conformance with the requirements set out in Chapter 19 of this zoning title:
      (1)   A small wind energy system is sited on at least 40 acres and meets the requirements of § II-10.001;
      (2)   Temporary uses in conjunction with § II-10.007;
      (3)   Personal use airstrip/heliport is allowed if sited on at least 160 acres and the location of airstrip/heliport is at least 500 feet from the outer perimeter of the 160 acre parcel; and
      (4)   Guest houses in conjunction with § II-10.012.
   (D)   Conditional uses. The following uses may be allowed in the A-1 - General Agriculture District under the provisions of Chapter 19 of this zoning title:
      (1)   Kennels, grooming, boarding, vet clinics, and animal shelters;
      (2)   Churches, religious structures;
      (3)   Schools;
      (4)   Golf courses;
      (5)   Fairgrounds and community centers;
      (6)   Fire stations;
      (7)   Antennas, microwave and communication towers;
      (8)   Rental storage units, garages, buildings;
      (9)   Temporary second residence as per § II-10.010;
      (10)   Bed and breakfast;
      (11)   Specialty resort;
      (12)   Organized group camps;
      (13)   Commercial gun and archery ranges;
      (14)   Fish hatcheries;
      (15)   Water treatment, purification, storage, pumping, solid waste disposal sites;
      (16)   Mineral exploration;
      (17)   Mineral extraction;
      (18)   Light manufacturing of agricultural products;
      (19)   Commercial indoor/outdoor arenas;
      (20)   Commercial outdoor recreation, e.g., paintball, dude ranch, BMX track, motocross, and mud bogging;
      (21)   Commercial sawmill/molding mill;
      (22)   Campground;
      (23)   Eating and drinking establishments;
      (24)   Commercial auto repair, maintenance shop, welding shop, trucking, drilling, sheet metal;
      (25)   (Reserved);
      (26)   Airports with FAA regulations;
      (27)   Commercial feedlots;
      (28)   Livestock auction yards;
      (29)   Drilling for oil or natural gas;
      (30)   Small and large scale sand, gravel, or rock extraction;
      (31)   Utility substations;
      (32)   Small and large wind energy system per § II-10.001;
      (33)   Personal use airstrip/heliport if the location of airstrip/heliport is at least 500 feet from the outer perimeter of the parcel(s); and
      (34)   Restricted use solid waste disposal facility.
      (35)   Commercial taxidermy.
   (E)   Density, setback(s), and lot requirements.
General Requirements
Density/minimum lot size
40 acre(s)*
Front, side, and rear yard(s)
Lot width
Maximum height
Table notes:
*: The maximum average density shall be 1 residence per 40 acres. The minimum lot size shall be 40 acres unless it is a preexisting lot of record.
**: From all lot lines and any road right-of-way, except as approved pursuant to a variance. All section lines shall be required to have a 25 foot setbcj from the edge of the section line right-of-way.
***: Shall not exceed 3 stories, except as approved pursuant to a variance or otherwise specifically exempted from this limitation (e.g., telecommunication towers, wind energy systems, water towers, silos).
(Ord. 14-01, passed 6-6-2014, Ch. 6, Art. 1; Ord. 14-03, passed 12-30-2014; Ord. 16-01, passed 6-3-2016; Ord. 16-03, passed 7-21-2017; Ord. 17-02, passed 9-29-2017; Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-2019)