(A)   Whenever the Chief of the Fire Department, shall find a building or other structure, within the city, which for the want of repairs, lack of sufficient fire escapes, or by reason of age, dilapidated condition, or from any other cause, is especially liable to fire and which is so situated as to endanger other property; and whenever such Chief shall find in any building combustible or explosive matter or inflammable conditions, dangerous to the safety of such building, he shall order the same to be remedied and such order shall forthwith be complied with by the owner or occupant, of such premises or building.
   (B)   When such order is made by such Chief, such owner or occupant may within five days appeal to the police judge, who shall within ten days review such order and file his decision thereon and unless by his authority the order is revoked or modified it shall remain in full force and be complied with, within the time fixed in such order.
('60 Code, § 7-10)  (Ord. passed 7-10-29)
   Removal of dangerous structures, see § 150.01