§ 156.41  REPAIRS.
   A building that the inspection officer finds to be unsafe shall be repaired so that it meets acceptable standards within 15 days of the notice described in § 156.40. Any other violations shall be repaired within 30 days of the notice of a violation pursuant to § 156.40. If a second reinspection is necessary before the violation is corrected, an inspection fee of $25 may be applied for the second and each subsequent inspection shall be levied against the person (either owner or occupant) responsible for correcting the violation cited. Reinspection may continue until the violations are corrected. The reinspection fee may be waived by the Unsafe Hearing Board if the inspection officer finds that substantial progress has been made with regards to each separate violation noted or that the failure to correct the violation is not within the control of the person responsible for correcting the violation cited. The person cited may also make a request to the Unsafe Hearing Board that the inspection fee be waived.
(Ord. 19-1998, passed 10-5-98)