§ 155.113  PROTECTION.
   (A)   Protect finished work.
   (B)   Immediately after placement, protect concrete from premature drying, excessively hot or cold temperatures, and damage.
   (C)   Patch or replace damaged portions of concrete.
   (D)   Protect wet cured or impervious sheet cured surfaces as follows:
      (1)   Barricade concrete surfaces immediately after finishing.
      (2)   Do not allow light traffic, except for curing purposes, on concrete surfaces until concrete has obtained 1,800 psi (approximately three days).
      (3)   Do not allow heavy traffic on concrete surface until concrete has obtained, by test, its design strength as noted on drawings but not sooner than nine days after placement.
      (4)   Permit concrete to dry minimum of two additional days after curing is completed before removing barricades.
   (E)   Protect surfaces cured with curing compound as follows:
      (1)   Barricade concrete surfaces immediately after application of curing compound.
      (2)   Do not allow traffic on concrete surfaces sooner than three days after placement.
(Ord. 16-2020, passed 12-7-20)