(A)   Formed surfaces.
      (1)   Rough-form finish.
         (a)   Patch tie holes and defects. Clip or rub of fins exceeding 1/2 inch in height. Leave surfaces with texture imparted by forms.
         (b)   Apply on concrete surfaces not exposed to public view and where noted on drawings.
      (2)   Smooth-form finish.
         (a)   Patch tie holes and defects. Remove exposed fins exceeding 1/8 inch in height.
         (b)   Apply on concrete surfaces exposed to public view and where noted on drawings.
   (B)   Initial finishing.
      (1)   Re-straighten surface irregularities with a ten-foot highway screed in two directions as close to perpendicular as possible before water appears on concrete surface.
      (2)   Do no further working of surface until time for floating; do not work surface while water is present.
   (C)   Floating.
      (1)   Begin float operations when bleed water sheen has disappeared and concrete has stiffened sufficiently to allow walking on surface without leaving heel prints more than 1/4 inch deep. Check and level the surface lane to an initial tolerance not exceeding 1/4 inch in ten feet when tested with a ten foot straight edge. Immediately after leveling, refloat surface to a uniform smooth granular surface.
      (2)   Avoid premature finishing that brings excessive fines to surface causing finished slab to have soft surface which could eventually make the surface weak and possibly spaul and flake.
   (D)   Troweling.
      (1)   Delay trowling as long as possible to prevent working excess fines and water to surface. Do not begin until surface moisture film and shine remaining after floating have disappeared. Trowel in alternate pass directions.
      (2)   Power trowel using riding trowel where possible. Use hand trowel in inaccessible areas.
      (3)   Do not re-wet surface to trowel.
      (4)   Final hand finish passes shall be done in the same direction. Finish all surfaces within a reasonable time period to provide uniformity of appearance.
   (E)   Broom finish.
      (1)   Provide a floated finish, then finish with a broom.
         (a)   Heavy broom finish: steel wire or stiff, coarse fiber broom;
         (b)   Light broom finish: soft-bristled fiber broom.
      (2)   Allow surface to harden sufficiently to retain scoring or ridges.
      (3)   Broom transverse to traffic or at right angles to slope of slab.
(Ord. 16-2020, passed 12-7-20)