§ 155.108  CURING.
   (A)   General.
      (1)   Cure concrete in accordance with ACI 301, 308R and 308.1, except as noted.
      (2)   Start curing as soon as concrete surface will not be damaged by curing operations.
      (3)   Continuously cure concrete for at least seven consecutive days.
      (4)   During curing period, do not allow any part of the concrete to become dry.
      (5)   If using forms for curing, keep forms in contact with concrete wet during curing period unless type of form is impervious to water, such as metal or fiberglass.
      (6)   If forms are removed before curing period is complete, continue curing immediately with other approved methods.
   (B)   Method of curing.
      (1)   Impervious sheet cure. Wet exposed surfaces of concrete after completing finishing and then apply pre-wetted sheet with edges lapped six inches minimum and sealed and secured in such manner as to prevent moisture from escaping from concrete from laps or edges. Remove sheet after seven- day curing period.
      (2)   Curing compound.
         (a)   Apply curing compounds by spraying or rolling uniformly in a single coat on surfaces immediately following final finishing operation.
         (b)   Apply curing compound in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.
         (c)   Do not use curing compound on surface against which additional concrete, other finishing materials, or coatings are to be bounded if their bond will be affected by curing compound.
         (d)   Spraying shall be by power sprayer.
         (e)   Immediately recoat, at the rate specified above, surfaces subjected to rainfall within three hours after compound has been applied or surfaces damaged by subsequent construction operations within the curing period.
         (f)   Curing schedule. Uniformed surfaces shall receive an impervious sheet cure or curing compound as appropriate; except use impervious sheet cure for exterior color textured finished surfaces. Use solvent-based curing compounds when compound is applied below 40°F.
(Ord. 16-2020, passed 12-7-20)