Where exterior pavement areas are shown on the drawings, place subbase and base in accordance with the following requirements.
   (A)   Coarse aggregate subbase.
      (1)   Install coarse aggregate subbase and compact using a vibratory compactor to final thickness requirements.
      (2)   Compact fill to 98% of aggregate’s Standard Proctor as determined by Method D of ASTM D698 or a test strip for larger aggregates.
      (3)   Make sure aggregate base has enough fine aggregate material to fill in voids left from larger course aggregate to produce a smooth, flat, dense surface.
      (4)   Subgrade material should be moisture conditioned with water if aggregate material is deemed too dry.
      (5)   Subgrade soils and aggregate base should be deemed satisfactory for stability prior to placing concrete. Conditions encountered had been rutting of subgrade by concrete trucks, no fine aggregate on top of coarse aggregate, aggregate is too dry to compact properly.
      (6)   Do not allow excess moisture or soft soil beneath the aggregate base at time of placing concrete.
(Ord. 16-2020, passed 12-7-20)