§ 155.103  CONCRETE MIX.
   (A)   Mix and deliver concrete in accordance with ASTM C94 using the design mix.
   (B)   Provide concrete with the following characteristics:
      (1)   Twenty-eight-day compressive strength: 4,000 psi for all concrete unless otherwise shown or specified;
      (2)   Air content.
         (a)   For concrete exposed to weather: 5% plus or minus 1.5%.
         (b)   For concrete not exposed to weather: not to exceed 5%.
      (3)   Slump for conventionally placed concrete: not to exceed five inches plus or minus one inch;
      (4)   Slump for pumped concrete: not to exceed six inches at the point of discharge from the pipe or hose after pumping. High-range water-reducing admixture (superplasticizer) required;
      (5)   Temperature shall be in the range of 50° to 90°F.
(Ord. 16-2020, passed 12-7-20)