This work shall consist of clearing, grubbing, removing and disposing of all vegetation and debris, except such objects as are designated to remain or are to be removed in accordance with other sections of these specifications, within the construction limits shown on the plans. If no construction limits are shown, the right-of-way and easement areas will be the construction limits. This work shall include the preservation from injury or defacement of all vegetation and objects designed to remain.
   (A)   Compaction requirements and test results shall be submitted and approved by the City Director of Engineering (DOE) or designated representative before construction, during construction and upon completion of the subgrade.
   (B)   The subgrade shall be prepared sufficiently in advance to permit proper inspection throughout the entire embankment construction and with sufficient time allocated for the final elevation to be checked with a scratch template or surveyed to confirm cross slope is correct.
   (C)   Unless otherwise provided, the full depth of engineered fill/subgrade shall be uniformly compacted to at least 98% maximum dry density as determined by the provisions of ASTM D698, Standard Test Methods for Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Standard Effort. During subgrade preparation and after its completion, adequate drainage shall be provided at all times to prevent water from standing on the subgrade. Subgrades shall be so constructed that it will have as nearly uniform density as possible throughout. After compaction and final grading, the subgrade shall be finished with a wheel roller weighing not less than ten tons. At areas not accessible to the roller, the required compaction shall be obtained with mechanical tamps for clayey soil or vibratory compactors for granular materials.
   (D)   All soft, yielding or otherwise unsuitable material that will not compact properly shall be removed. All rock encountered shall either be removed or broken off to conform to the required cross- section. Any holes or depressions resulting from the removal of such unsuitable material shall be filled with satisfactory material and compacted to conform to the surrounding subgrade surface. No placement of pavement shall be permitted on uninspected or unimproved subgrade and at no time when the subgrade is frozen or muddy. No hauling shall be done nor equipment moved over the subgrade when its condition is such that undue distortion results. If these conditions are present, the subgrade shall be protected with adequate plank runways, mats or other satisfactory means of hauling done thereon.
(Ord. 16-2020, passed 12-7-20)