(A)   Two working days prior to the start of any of the work, the developer or contractor shall notify the City Construction Manager and the City Safety Coordinator of his or her intent to commence work.
   (B)   Inspection services shall be provided by the city for all construction projects including public work projects, subdivisions or any project which will be maintained in the future with public funds within the city.
   (C)   The city may not provide for day-by-day inspection service and will not have the inspector act as the agent of the developer, contractor or engineer. The work is under the control and supervision of the developer/contractor until written acceptance is given by the City Engineer. The city’s inspector will check periodically as the work progresses, and will call to the attention of the person in charge of the work any deviations, omissions, or unsatisfactory work as noted. However, no acceptance of any portion of the work is to be inferred by the action or lack of action of the inspector.
(Ord. - -, passed - -03; Am. Ord. 16-2020, passed 12-7-20)