In order to provide more suitable sites for building and other uses and to improve surface drainage and control erosion, the following requirements shall be met:
   (A)   All lots, tracts or parcels shall be finally graded to provide proper drainage away from buildings and dispose of it without ponding, and all land within a development shall be graded to drain and dispose of surface water without ponding, except where approved by the Common Council on the recommendation of the City Engineer.
   (B)   All drainage provisions shall be of such design as to adequately handle the surface runoff and carry it to the nearest suitable outlet such as a curbed street, storm drain, or natural watercourse.  When drainage swales are used to divert surface waters away from buildings, they shall be sodded or planted as required and shall be of such slope, shape and size as to conform with the recommendations of the City Engineer.
   (C)   Concentration of surface water runoff shall only be permitted in swales or watercourses.
(`94 Code, § 151.52)