§ 151.36  APPLICATION.
   Every applicant for a grading permit shall file a written application therefor with the City Engineer.  The application shall:
   (A)   Describe the land on which the proposed work is to be done, by lot, block, tract or street address or similar description which will readily identify and definitely locate the proposed work.
   (B)   (1)   Be accompanied by plans and specifications prepared by a registered engineer or surveyor, including:  A contour map showing the present contours of the land and the proposed grading; a plot plan showing the location of grading, boundaries, lot lines, neighboring streets and alleys, buildings, trees then over ten inches in diameter measured at a point two feet above the ground, and sufficient dimensions and other data to show the location of all work; description of the type and classification of the soil; details and location of any proposed drainage structures and pipes, walls and cribbing; nature of fill material and such other information as the City Engineer may require to carry out the purposes of this subchapter: cross section plans indicating existing and proposed elevations; sections shall be of intervals of 30 feet and where extreme changes in grade exist or are anticipated; end area calculations shall be submitted and totalized.  The amount of cut and fill between stations and for the entire project shall be submitted and calculated to the cubic yard.  All plans shall be dated and bear the name of:
         (a)   Person who prepared the same;
         (b)   The applicant; and
         (c)   The owner of the land.
      (2)   Plans shall be submitted in triplicate: the contour map, the plot plan and the cross section.
   (C)   Include a plan to be approved by the City Engineer for minimizing erosion and sedimentation in conformity with the requirements of §§ 151.50 through 151.53.
   (D)   State the estimated dates for the starting and completion of the grading work.
   (E)   State the purpose for which the grading application is filed.
(`94 Code, § 151.36)