§ 151.35  REQUIRED.
   It shall be unlawful for any person to commence or perform any grading, excavation, fill, topsoil removal or removal of vegetative cover without first having obtained a grading permit from the City Engineer. A separate grading permit shall be required for each site. One permit may cover both an excavation and any fill made on the same lot. A grading permit will not be required, however, in the following situations, but in all other respects, the provisions of this subchapter, shall apply:
   (A)   An excavation which does not exceed 20 cubic yards total material removed.
   (B)   A fill which does not exceed 40 cubic yards of material deposited.
   (C)   An excavation below finished grade for basements and footings of a single-family residence, swimming pool, or underground structure authorized by building permit, excavation for a driveway or walk between a single-family residence site and street or the grading of such excavated materials into the site from which excavated and including the provision of additional topsoil as may be required for seedbed preparation.
(`94 Code, § 151.35)  Penalty, see § 151.99