§ 151.21  INSPECTIONS.
   (A)   The City Engineer shall, when requested, make the inspections hereinafter required and shall either approve that portion of the work which has been completed or notify the permit holder wherein the same fails to comply with the provisions of this subchapter.  Where it is found by inspection that the soil or other conditions are not as stated or shown in the application, the City Engineer may refuse to approve further work until approval is obtained for a revised grading plan conforming to existing conditions.
   (B)   Plans for grading work, bearing the stamp of approval of the City Engineer, shall be maintained at the site during the progress of the grading work and until the work has been approved.
   (C)   The permit holder shall notify the City Engineer in order to obtain inspections in accordance with the following schedule and at least 24 hours before the inspection is to be made:
      (1)   Initial inspection.  When work on the excavation or fill is about to be commenced.
      (2)   Rough grading.  When all rough grading has been completed.
      (3)   Drainage facilities.  When drainage facilities are to be installed and before such facilities are backfilled.
      (4)   Special structures.  When excavations are complete for retaining and crib walls and when reinforcing steel is in place and before concrete is poured.
      (5)   Final inspection.  When all work, including the installation of all drainage and other structures, has been completed.
   (D)   If at any stage of the work the City Engineer shall determine by inspection that the nature of the formation is such that further work, as authorized by any existing permit, is likely to endanger property, streets, or alleys, or create hazardous conditions, the City Engineer may require as a condition to allowing the work to be done that such reasonable safety precautions be taken as the City Engineer considers advisable to avoid such likelihood of danger. Safety precautions may include, but shall not be limited to, specifying a flatter exposed slope, construction of additional drainage facilities, berms, terracing, compaction or cribbing.
(`94 Code, § 151.21)