(A)   Whenever sedimentation is caused by stripping vegetation and/or grading, it shall be the responsibility of the person causing such sedimentation to remove it from all lower properties, drainage systems and watercourses and to repair any damage at his or her expense as quickly as possible at the direction of the City Engineer.
   (B)   Maintenance of all drainage facilities and watercourses within any subdivision or land development shall be the responsibility of the developer until they are accepted by the city or some other official agency, after which they become the responsibility of the accepting agency.
   (C)   It shall be the responsibility of any person doing any act on or across a stream, watercourse or swale or upon the flood plain or right-of-way thereof to maintain as nearly as possible in its present state the stream, watercourse, swale, flood plain or right-of-way during the pendency of the activity and to return it to its original or equal condition after such activity is completed.
   (D)   Maintenance of drainage facilities or watercourses originating and completely on private property shall be the responsibility of the owner to their point of open discharge at the property line or at a communal watercourse within the property.
   (E)   It shall be unlawful for any person to block, impede the flow of, alter, construct any structure or deposit any material or thing, or commit any act which will affect normal or flood flow in any communal stream or watercourse without having obtained prior approval from the city.
   (F)   Adequate right-of-way and/or easements shall be provided for all drainage facilities and watercourses which are proposed for acceptance by the city.
   (G)   Each person who makes any surface changes shall be required to:
      (1)   Collect on-site surface runoff and dispose of it to the point of discharge into the common natural watercourse of the drainage area.
      (2)   Handle existing off-site runoff through his or her development by designing to provide adequately for storm runoff from a fully developed area upstream.
      (3)   Pay such share of the total cost of labor and material needed to widen and improve the common natural watercourse either upstream or downstream from the development, based on a fully developed drainage area as shall be made necessary to accommodate the additional surface waters resulting from the development of the ground.
      (4)   Provide and install at his or her expense, in accordance with city requirements, all drainage and erosion control improvements (temporary and permanent) as required by the City Engineer.
(`94 Code, § 151.20)  Penalty, see § 151.99