(A)   The Common Council, in its consideration of all preliminary plans of subdivision and development of land, shall condition its approval upon the execution of a formal agreement to provide erosion and sediment control measures as required by this subchapter.
   (B)   Final plans for minimizing erosion and sedimentation as approved shall be incorporated into the agreement and bond requirements, as required under the city subdivision regulations.
   (C)   At the time that a building permit is applied for, a review shall be conducted by the City Engineer to insure conformance with the plan as approved. During the construction, further consultative technical assistance shall be furnished, as required by the City Engineer. During this development phase, the City Engineer shall inspect the development site and enforce compliance with the approved plans.
   (D)   The approval of plans and specifications for the control of erosion and sedimentation shall be concurrent with the approval of the final plats of subdivision or development of land and become a part thereof.
   (E)   No subdivision or development of land plan shall be approved unless there has been a plan approved that provides for minimizing erosion and sedimentation consistent with this section, and an improvement bond or other acceptable security is deposited with the city in the form of an escrow guarantee which will ensure installation and completion of the required improvements.
(`94 Code, § 151.19)