§ 155.007  AS-BUILT  DRAWINGS.
   (A)   If required, no construction project will be accepted by the city until as-built surveys are submitted and approved by the City Engineer. At the completion of construction, the construction plans shall be revised as necessary to provide an as-built survey.
   (B)   No subdivision will be allowed to proceed from a performance bond to a maintenance bond until as-built surveys are submitted and approved by the City Engineer.
   (C)   One set of as-built surveys shall be on reproducible mylar. In addition, an electronic computer file of the as-built survey shall be provided to the city on computer media compatible with the city’s computer system. The electronic computer file shall be in a format compatible with AutoCAD release version compatible with the city’s GIS system. The as-built plans’ elevation and reference points shall be referenced to the city’s horizontal and vertical datum.
   (D)   As-built definition. For the purposes of this chapter, an AS-BUILT SURVEY is a plan, drawn to scale, based on an actual post-construction certified survey. The AS-BUILT PLAN shows the shape and dimensions of the lot, parcel or property affected, the exact size, shape, elevation and location of buildings and other structures, exact location of utilities including height and depth elevations, labels identifying the intended use of each structure, utility and access easements, and any other information regarding the affected property and neighboring lots which may be necessary for the enforcement of this Code.
(Ord. - -, passed - -03; Am. Ord. 16-2020, passed 12-7-20)