(A)   Control of credit cards. A single credit card may be issued in the name of the City of Lawrence, with the Controller designated as the responsible official for the account. 
      (1)   The Controller shall maintain custody of the card and may authorize the use of the card by other responsible employees.  When the purpose for which the credit card has been authorized has been accomplished, the card should be returned to the custody of the Controller.
      (2)   The termination of an employee shall constitute immediate revocation of any and all credit card rights effective upon such termination. 
      (3)   The maximum credit limit on the city's credit card shall be $15,000, and cash advances on such card shall be deactivated.
      (4)   The Controller shall immediately cancel a credit card determined to be lost or stolen.
      (5)   The Controller shall maintain an accurate and timely accounting system or log for the use of the credit card, including the names of individuals requesting the use of the city credit card, their positions, the estimated amounts to be charged, the fund and account numbers to be charged, the date the card is issued and returned, and any other relevant information.
   (B)   Use of credit card. All uses of the credit card must be for city business only. Under no circumstances may the city credit card be used for personal or any non-city purposes. The following constitutes appropriate purposes for which the credit card may be used:
      (1)   Business travel expenses;
      (2)   Online purchasing;
      (3)   Emergency and small purchases; and
      (4)   Automatic payments.
   (C)   Payment of the city's credit card balances. The city's credit card shall not be used to bypass the city's accounting system. The city's credit card balance shall be paid pursuant to the same procedures used for paying any other claim. Payment of the city's credit card balance shall not be made on the basis of a credit card statement or credit card slip alone. Supporting documents such as paid bills and receipts must be made available. The Controller shall timely and accurately record transactions to update the accounting systems to reflect the expenditures.
      (1)   The credit card balance shall be paid promptly so that no interest carrying charges of penalties will be incurred due to late payments.  Improper or undocumented purchases shall also be the personal responsibility of the officer or employee using the credit card, and shall further be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
      (2)   If properly authorized, an annual fee for the credit card may be paid.
(Ord. 5, 2015, passed 5-20-2015; Am. Ord. 25, 2017, passed 1-17-2018)