(A)   The application, plot plans and specifications filed by an applicant for a permit shall be checked by the Building Commissioner.  If the Building Commissioner is satisfied that the work described in an application for a permit and the plans filed therewith conform to the requirements of this chapter, he or she shall approve the permit issuance.
   (B)   When the Building Commissioner approves the permit, he or she shall endorse in writing, or stamp on both sets of plans and specifications, “APPROVED.”  Approved plans and specifications shall not be changed, modified or altered without authorization from the Building Commissioner, and all work shall be done in accordance with the approved plans.
   (C)   One set of approved plans, specifications and computations shall be retained by the Building Commissioner for a period of not less than 90 days from the date of completion of the work covered therein; and one set of approved plans and specifications shall be returned to the applicant, which set shall be kept on the building site or work at all times during which the work authorized thereby is in progress.
   (D)   The issuance or granting of a permit or approval of plans and specifications shall not be construed to be a permit for, or an approval of, any violation of any provisions of the Building Code.  No permit presuming to give authority to violate or cancel the provisions of the Building Code shall be valid, except insofar as the work or use which it authorized is lawful.
   (E)   The permit issuance based upon plans and specifications shall not prevent the Building Commissioner from requiring the correction of errors in plans and specifications or from preventing building operations being carried on thereunder when in violation of this chapter or of any other City ordinance.
   (F)   Every permit issued by the Building Commissioner under provisions of this chapter shall expire by limitation and become null and void if:
      (1)   The building or work authorized by the permit is not commenced within 120 days from the date of the permit; or
      (2)   If the building or work authorized by the permit is suspended for a period of 180 or more days.
   (G)   Before work can be recommenced following suspension for a period of 180 or more days, a new permit first shall be obtained, and the fee therefor shall be one-half the amount required for a new permit for the work, provided that no changes have been made or will be made in the original plans and specifications for the work and, provided further, that suspension or abandonment has not exceeded one year.  If either condition is violated, the fee shall be the fee for a new permit.