(A)   A crosswalk should be, and it is hereby, established pursuant to I.C. 9-21-17-4 for the crossing of Oaklandon Road approximately 860 feet north of the center right of way of Fox Road and extending from the sidewalk on the east side of Oaklandon Road to the sidewalk on the west side of Oaklandon Road in alignment with the northern boundary of the northern driveway and curb cut for the existing commercial center on the west side of Oaklandon Road.
   (B)   The crosswalk established hereby shall be marked in a manner conforming to the uniform system of traffic control devices created under I.C. 9-21-3.
   (C)   Pedestrians are prohibited from crossing Oaklandon Road near or in proximity to such crosswalk and particularly within 400 feet north or south of the boundaries of such crosswalk except in such crosswalk.
   (D)   Persons violating this section shall be fined in the amount of $25.
(Ord. 2, 2011, passed 2-7-2011)