(A)   Any person or persons, including any minor and any adult, who negligently or intentionally causes or inflicts damage to, defacing of or destruction upon, which shall include, without implication of limitation, painting and marking of any kind and carving or cutting, any public property, including, without implication of limitation, any public building or structure, including, without implication of limitation, shelters, rest rooms, concession stands, scoreboards and other parks facilities; recreational facilities and their components, fixtures, equipment and supplies; benches, tables and cooking devices; electronic or mechanical equipment or devices of any kind; trees, bushes, shrubs or other vegetation, including flowers and other plants; landscaping or topography; fences; signs; vehicles and equipment; or any part of any public property, including parks and park facilities and any and all other public buildings, facilities, equipment and grounds shall be subject to a fine of $100 for a first offense.  Any such person who commits a second violation of this section shall be subject to a fine of $200.  Third and subsequent violations by any such person shall be subject to a fine of $500 for each such violation. 
   (B)   The prohibitions and penalties contained herein are intended to be in addition to or as an alternative to any criminal law provisions and penalties contained in the statutes of the State of Indiana and in any other applicable law or regulation. 
   (C)   In addition to or in mitigation of the fines established in division (A) above, or as a full or partial alternative to such fines, any offender may agree to or any court of competent jurisdiction may require financial restitution and/or the performance of work or services to repair, restore or replace any damaged public property to its condition prior to the damage, defacing or destruction.
(Ord. 32, 2009, passed 7-6-2009)