(A)   Land alterations as defined by the regulations, except for developments covered under § 5-2-6-12, and developments which have an aggregate area less than five acres, are not platted and do not contain any Class I or Class II storm water systems as defined in regulations promulgated under § 5-2-6-37, shall be required to be inspected during construction through execution of an agreement with the Board of Public Works and Safety for construction observation services.  The Board of Public Works and Safety shall publish inspection procedures and fee amounts in regulations promulgated under § 5-2-6-37.  Prior to the issuance of a storm water permit, the permit applicant shall execute an agreement with the Board of Public Works and Safety, which will provide that:
   (B)   The City Civil Engineer, or designated agent, will provide construction inspection services to verify that the project is constructed according to relevant regulations and the approved plans and specifications and that erosion and sediment control plans are being properly implemented. 
   (C)   The Board of Public Works and Safety may employ a consulting professional engineer as an agent to perform inspections and to prepare inspection reports concerning the results of inspecting permitted land alterations.
   (D)   The developer/owner shall reimburse the City of Lawrence or its representative for the cost of the inspection services, which shall be determined at the time of execution of the agreement and verified by the owner or his or her representative throughout construction.
   (E)   No action with regard to the acceptance of the completed project or the release of the performance surety shall be taken until the owner has reimbursed the City of Lawrence in full for the inspection services.
(Ord. 6, 2008, passed 5-5-2008)